We are in the process of preparing for our return to France.

  • We are looking for places to sleep in between Madrid and Paris (we only need a little corner of land to pitch the tent!). If you can help us out, please follow this link.

  • We already have a couple of conferences lined up along the way. To see the schedule, follow this link. We would be happy to met with you!

We are also looking for an apartment in Paris or the surrounding area, starting in mid-May 2010. Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!

Didier’s cabin

Going backwards was finally a good idea: we could have some rest and change our mind with something else than biking.

Didier is from France and came to live in Canada 8 years ago, and in Yukon Territory 6 years ago. He is a finish carpenter, as well as a musher, one of the reasons he came to the Yukon Territory. He built himself his cabin and owns 40 sled dogs. His life goes around his dogs even if he has a handler at home, whose name is Marine for the season 2008-2009. The dogs rest during summer, because of high temperatures, while Didier works. The training begins in September to prepare the races of the winter, especially the Yukon Quest, one of the most famous in the world: a race of more than 1.000 miles (1.600 km) without any assistance (except for the 36 hours of compulsory rest in Dawson City where the handler can take care of the dogs) in the wilderness of Alaska and Yukon Territory.

When discussing with Didier, we learnt a lot about the “Yukon way of life”, sled dogs, etc. When we show on our bikes that we can live with just a few things every day, Didier proves that it is possible to live and be happy, above the 60th parallel, without running water and electricity, in a cabin, in the middle of the forest, during the 21st century!

We had a really nice time with Didier and Marine. We did not get the chance to meet Martine, Didier’s wife, who is the cook for the summer in a camp of the North West Territories, far from civilization.

With Marine, we canoed on Fox Lake (without forgetting the shower in the lake!) and went horse riding to the neighbor farm. Those 2 days really changed our mind, it was good!

Ps: Thank you Didier for these 2 days and your hospitality! Good luck for the Yukon Quest!

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10 km in 90!

Here we are in Whitehorse … well … almost …

After our day of rest in Carmacks, we took the direction of Whitehorse, the Yukon capital.

Thursday morning we began to bike and had a good surprise: we had tail wind! It did not happen to us for such a long time! At lunch time we already had done 50 km and we decided to go to Whitehorse in 2 days (177km).
We met Michel, from Switzerland who came to Canada and studies to become a teacher … After a long conversation, a magpie stole some of our lunch! On the road we also met Matt who bikes from Vancouver to Inuvik and then, once back to Vancouver, hopes to bike south. We talked a lot with him: he travelled through Asia and Europe by bike.

We put our tent at Fox Lake government campground and we had a shower in the lake after our 114km! Our neighbors were very nice and offered us drinking water (there was none on the campground) and took our bags with food in their car or the night.

Yesterday, the wind had turned and we had it coming from the front. We had biked 49 km when we met Didier! He is from France who came to Yukon Territory for dogsled, his hobby. After a long conversation with him, he invited us to his place … 35 km behind us (North), and just 10 km away from the campsite of this morning! We hesitated … he said that he had a canoe, a car for going into town and a bed in his cabin … Sébastien was annoyed to go backwards … I was very tempted … and we went there! Turned around, tail wind, and back to the beginning for a new Yukon adventure!

This morning we went to the lake for canoeing with Marine (Didier’s handler) and we stopped on the way to have a shower. We are now in Whitehorse for groceries. We will stay tomorrow and leave on Monday morning.

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Yukoonkoon !

530 km separate Dawson City to Whitehorse through Yukon Territory. Huge forests, lakes, rivers, nice landscape, but not a lot of changes and monotone by bike.

Since Stewart crossing, we were not amazed by the landscapes, but we had a lot of encounters!

We spent our first night in Pelly Crossing, in a campsite renovated and managed by the Natives. Unfortunately , it was not very clean: the garbages were full and dogs of the town went into them, not shower and no drinking water. Sébastien, while having breakfast, had the chance to see a red fox coming to the garbage.

The following day (Monday), we had strong head wind that took all our energy. Tired, we wanted to have some lunch, when a car stoped to tell us that there was a bear only few km in front of us. We hesitated (what shall we do?) and finally decided to keep biking. The driver was wrong about the distance and after 6 km, we stopped to have lunch without seeing any bear. After lunch, another car stopped to tell us that the bear was just 100 m from us, on the left. We continued slowly. Suddenly, Sébastien saw it (but not me, I was so scared that I never went uphill so fast!). He did not have time to take a picture of it: the bear was hidden behind small trees, smelling. It was no way to turn back for a picture!

After this long day (82 km with head wind), we stopped at Tatchun Creek Government Campground, with only outhouses! Just when we finished our diner, John and Leanne offered us cinnamon roll for breakfast and invited us to stay at their place in Seattle region. We shared with them grilled marshmallows on their fire and could put our bags with food in their car for the night. After a shower in the river, we went to bed.
Yesterday (Tuesday) was a small day: about 30 km with Richard, from Netherlands, who travelled alone by bike. After lunch in Carmacks, our arrival town, Richard finally decided not to bike the other 60 km he wanted to and stayed with us for the evening. We wanted to stop at the RV park downtown, but they categorically did not want a tent in their RV park. So we had to go backwards for 2 km to the closets camping next to the Yukon River … finally it was better than the other one!

During the evening we exchanged abour our experiences, recipes to vary our alimentation (that is mainly with rice and pastas), peopls we met, etc. We had a nice time all together and went to bed close to midnight!

Today was a rest day … we did not feel in good spirits, the weather was bad … Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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We have biked more than 1.000 km!

We left Dawson City 3 days ago (we finaly stayed one more day) and are crossing the Yukon Territory. The landscapes are really different from the ones we had on the Top of the World highway: long straights with trees on each side. Told like that, it could be nice and pretty, but by bike, seeing the same landscapes on a straight line for 10 km, it is not at all.

We spent our first night in the campsite of the Klondike River Lodge where we could pinch our tent for free!

The day after was a big day : 84 km ! We had some gravel roads because of road works. It was impossible for us to reach the next house to put our tent next to it: it was 40km away! So we stopped on the side of the gravel road and put our tent there. The place could have been nice: next to a river, with birds .. but we had so much dust from the vehicles on the gravel road … We tested our solar camp shower: It was really nice even with all the mosquitoes!

During the night I woke up because of noises made by wild animals. I woke Sébastien up after some hesitations. Even if we had nothing in our tent that could attract bears (all our bags were hanging from the bridge), we were scared. We listned a long time not knowing what to do. I was so terrified. Finally the “thing” went away. We could not sleep anymore and even thought of leaving, but it was only 3am … We finnaly went back to sleep. On the morning, we looked for the footprint of the animal, but did not find anything: so it was not a heavy animal like a moose or a bear.

Today, we finally arrived in Stewart Crossing where we put our ten just before a thunderstorm arrived. We have an access to showers, which we did not expect, as nothing was written on our brochures!

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Canada Day in Dawson City

Canada Day (the 1st of July) is the national day for Canada and celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the British North America Act of 1867, which united Canada as a single country of four provinces. For this day, many little events were organized in Dawson City.

After a parade with all the colors of Canada – red and white – we shared a barbecue lunch in the garden of the museum. We were amazed of the order: everyone stayed in line in front of the buffets! This would be impossible in France …

It began to rain, unfortunately when the Yukon Gold Panning Championship started. Sébastien had a go in the Cheekakos category: he found only one gold flake, but anyway, was very proud of that! We will become rich another time!

In the evening, we went to Diamond Tooth Gerties. We saw 2 shows and tried to understand the games that were playing in the casino (all the benefits of the casino go to the town for restoration).

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