We are in the process of preparing for our return to France.

  • We are looking for places to sleep in between Madrid and Paris (we only need a little corner of land to pitch the tent!). If you can help us out, please follow this link.

  • We already have a couple of conferences lined up along the way. To see the schedule, follow this link. We would be happy to met with you!

We are also looking for an apartment in Paris or the surrounding area, starting in mid-May 2010. Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!

Perfect time

We put the alarm clock early this morning, to leave early for that long day coming up. But we could hear rain against our tent and that stopped us. We did not want to bike under this rain.

So we decided to have a look at the weather forecast on the Internet. It told us that for today and the coming week, we would have a cloudy weather with scattered showers. Well, we decided to leave and packed all our bags, without much motivation. Then, we went to the Lodge to have a nice breakfast and the rain stopped.

Once more we tested the hospitality of Alaskan people: our neighbor Dave gave us 2 burgers and sausages for the day. We were ready to leave.

As it was written on the Milepost, we had to go uphill but this time, there was no downhill between, which was much better for the mind! After 4 hours of hard biking, we finally got to that pass, while heavy rain was beginning to fall down. We just had the time to shelter our bikes and to enter the Eureka Lodge, for a late lunch (5pm!). The weather outside has been really bad for the next 2 hours! So we took our time and enjoyed this break.
Then we kept going biking downhill, once the rain had stopped … and the sun was back!

As soon as we had arrived at the campground and pinched our tent, the owner’s daughter came with 2 large plates of food: amazing … and so so nice!!

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Still going uphill …

Wednesday morning, Rebacca offered us breakfast: really nice banana bread and scrambbled eggs. Then she guided us to the beginning of a trail that was following the highway while following the river. The first kilometer was ok, but then the trail became very bad: we had to push our bikes in very rough passages. We arrived to a point where we would have to take all the bags off the bikes to be able to continue. This beautiful trail became the “Pain Trail”! We finally went backwards and lost 2 hours … 8 kilometers … and a lot of energy.

Back on the highway, we biked uphill and uphill to the campsite where we slept for the night.

The day after (Thursday), still up hills … but also some downhill which made us lost the altitude we had before… and we had to go uphill again! In fact, we are actually going up to a pass which is 1000 meters high. After a long downhill and just before a steep uphill, we met a fisherman who gave us a soda that we accepted right away! He had seen us on the morning! Very tired, we stopped around 8pm in front of a small café, already closed. The owner answered us anyway and accepted that we camped on his propriety. We preferred to ask him after the recommendations we had from different people we met: landowners do not really like to have strangers camping on their land. We could see that all the way with signs such as “Keep out” or “No trespassing”. While we were taking our breath in front of a house, we saw 3 big dogs rushing out, very aggressive … we left right away!

So we had one night of wild camping, without a shower … next to a cabin!

Today, as soon as we began to bike uphill, a pick-up stopped. A man who was wearing a roadwork jacket came out. We were going to cross long road works. He invited us strongly to put all our bags and bikes in his pick-up and he drove us to the end of the road works. It was in fact the security man! We were 5 kilometers away and after a long uphill in the dust of the engines!

We preferred to bike only few kilometers today, not to be tired for the 1000 meters high pass tomorrow. We camped at the Grand View Café … a campsite in the middle of nothing, where we could have a hot shower, a washing machine … and a wifi Internet connection!

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More hospitality … more people

When we woke up, Tony had prepared for us an American breakfast: scrambled eggs, ham and toasts. He also advised us about the safety and the safest way we should take to go to Palmer.

We started with the Old Glenn Highway, a highway that we will follow for quite many miles. It was going uphill and then downhill.

Just our lunch break next to a lake, we met to other cyclotourists. We discussed and exchanged a lot with them about our equipment and our plans for the next days. Uli, from Germany, biked since 2006 and went to New Zealand Australia and Asia. He just arrived in Alaska and was going north for the moment, and then he does not know what he will do. Ken, from Japan, has just arrived in Alaska with no equipment. He bought everything in Anchorage and planned to go to south Argentina, but has not yet worked out the itinerary he is going to follow. We decided to bike the next kilometers together, on the highway as it was the only road! We were lucky to have large shoulders and a policeman confirmed us that bikes could go on highway when there is no other possibility.

Our ways splat and we left each other with a “see you on the road between Anchorage and Ushuaia!”

When we arrived in Palmer, we were not lost at all! We had to meet Rebecca, a young woman I met two days ago in Anchorage, in front of REI, as I was discussing with Joanes (from Spain) who will also bike to Ushuaia! He was waiting for 2 German men who were biking “only” to Vancouver. So, you see, we are not the only one to be crazy!

Well, Rebecca invited us to stay at her place if we went to Palmer and this is from her place that I am sending some news. We had a wonderful evening with her. When she was 22, last year, she biked 4700 kilometers to go from San Diego to Florida, alone!

Ps : Thank you very much Rebecca for hosting us. It was great to meet you … and Jojo!!

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Our first day of biking!

Here we go, we started!

We took our time to get ready (about a week) but this morning we were still missing the gas for our stove!! We packed our bike bags and we left at the beginning of the afternoon.

It was hard to find the right balance with our 60 pounds load! But the habits came back quickly after few feet.

We began by biking through Anchorage on bike routes, for about 4 miles. As we stopped to find our way, a nice couple came to see us and gave us advice on the way to take. After nice bike routes, we road on the sides of large avenue of Anchorage. We do not know what the rules for the bikes over here are, but almost all the people on bikes do the same. We preferred to leave the road to the big four wheel vehicles. We finally found the highway. It was not very nice (this is the only road that we could take!), but by chance, there was a bike routes following it! We went to Eagle River where there should have been 2 campgrounds. We passed the first one and decided to go further. But the second one was not a campground, but an RV park, with no grass for a tent! We did not know what to do: going back to the fist campground? Or keep biking even if we were tired? We were hesitating and a man came to us to ask if we needed any help. We explained him our problem. He advised us to go back to the first campground...

We did not even had biked few feet, that he passed us with his car, parked and came to ask us: "would you like to come to my place for the night?". We were totally amazed by his hospitality! We still cannot believe it! Now I am writing from his place. Our guest's name is Ton and had been backpacking a lot in Europe. Ha told us tonight that he was just giving back the hospitality he received 30 years ago during his trip through Europe! We had a nice shower, a nice dinner with a glass of wine and we are going to sleep in a good bed!

For our first day, we biked 27 miles.

Ps: Thank you Tony for your hospitality! it was nice to meet you! We had a wonderful night at your place! Thank you so much!

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Our bags are packed ...

Our bikes are loaded ...

We are ready to leave for our long adventure!

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