We are in the process of preparing for our return to France.

  • We are looking for places to sleep in between Madrid and Paris (we only need a little corner of land to pitch the tent!). If you can help us out, please follow this link.

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We are also looking for an apartment in Paris or the surrounding area, starting in mid-May 2010. Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!

Kenai Peninsula ...

Since we arrived in Alaska, we spent our days looking for our equipment. In fact, with the low euro compared to the dollar and the whole range of equipment here, we did not come with a lot of equipment: we bought everything here. We have almost everything and before leaving for our big trip, we decided to visit the Kenai Peninsula as we really wanted to enjoy the surroundings of Anchorage and the large spaces. We will not go to this Peninsula with our bikes.

The Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the parks of the Kenai Peninsula where the mountain, the ice and the ocean meet. The wilderness is well kept and so, we can see lots of Alaskan wild animals such as moose, bears, seals, puffins, etc. On its territory there is the biggest glacier of the USA.

We left Anchorage on Thursday with a rental car (yes we know, not really good for the environment …) and we settled in a little motel in Seward for 2 nights. It is a town very long but narrow, with only 2 main streets. We discovered the surroundings of Seward and went sightseeing. We decided not to take the cruises to go and see whales, dolphins and other animals. We already had tried these cruises in Iceland. We preferred to discover the surrounding by foot.

We began with the Exit Glacier Trail, a very touristic trail which led us to the glacier. The path was paved and a highway for tourists! But to get there was worth it: a great view of the glacier, the noise of water and cracks of the ice …

Then, we walked a bit of the Resurrection River Trail, with far less people. We did not feel safe because at any time, a moose could arrive – which was ok for us, but also a bear! The advises are everywhere when entering trail: make noise to tell the bear that you are human, stay in front of him to show that we are not scared, no running away, etc. Easier to say than to do! Sébastien talked and sang during the whole 1 hour and a half of walking! As for me, I looked carefully to the entire environment and listened very carefully also … well, I was happy to be back to the car after only few kilometers. I asked myself how we are going to make it when we will be sleeping in the middle of nowhere, with our bikes, our food and our tent … We will respect the advises: put the food up in the trees, cook a hundred feet away from the tent, not taking our tooth paste with us in the tent (bears love that!), no cooking with the same clothes as for sleeping, etc.

Finally sun came out (but not for long)! For the moment, we had seen Alaska only with clouds and rain. We really enjoyed this sun, as it made us discovered the landscape differently: lakes and rivers became blue, we could see the top of the mountains and hills with snow…

We also went to the Kenai Wildlife Refuge. There wilderness is well preserved and lots of wild animals could be seen over there: bears, moose, wolves, salmons, birds, etc. More beautiful landscapes and more unspoiled nature! Unfortunately it is not the right period to see the salmons going up the rivers and the bears eating them. It all begins at the beginning of July and finishes in September…

I am talking a lot of the wild animals that we could encounter over here … maybe you are asking yourself if we met any? Yes we did!! We met a black bear on the side of the road, while passing by car! It was about 40 feet away. We could take lots of pictures of it: it did not care, it was having diner!

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Sustainable development, did you say?

We have been in Anchorage for 3 days now and we are very suprised by use of the Americans for energy: leaving the tv or the light on all night long, going back and forth in their big 4 wheel drives for only few kilometers, etc. They just do it!
We very often turn off the tv and the lights around us ... Maybe it is just a European behaviour ...

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A 34 hour day

6.45 am ... it is very early to get up on a sunday morning! And definately too early as we did not sleep a lot this past month as we were preparing this trip.

We took all our stuffs out of the car and gave it back to the rental. Then we stopped in the departure hall to put our bikes in the cardboard boxes. Once they were checked in, we could see our bikes taking the usual way of all oversize luggages. We are worried as usually: will they be in Anchorage when we will get there? Will they be in one piece? We had 2 more hours to kill before boarding. So we went outside and had some yoghourt cake that Sara had baked.

This is a long flight ... 10 hours ... We went far North, passe Denmark, then some Novegian fjords and the Arctic ocean and its icefield: it is so pretty! We saw a lot of cracks in the icefield. Is it beacause of the earth getting warmer? Or is that normal for this time of the year? We cannot answer those questions.

We tired to kill the time as we could. On Condor flights, you have to pay to get headphones for music and movies: 6 Euros. We had deceided not to take some ... and tired to sleep a bit.

We also listened to the conversations around us and discovered that 4 Slovenian people, who were sitting just behind us, came to Alaska to climb Mount McKinley. This mount is one of the highest mount of the wolrd and the most difficult. The uphill grade is not too hard, but the weather conditions can be very hard. A lot of people tries to climb it and many never came back.

We arrived in Anchorage on time, after seeing the large plains of Alaska. It is so beautiful!

Going through the border went fast, we were the only plane to land at 11am. the custom guards tok our digital prints as well as a picture of us. We are in the American files now!

We took our bikes that travelled pretty well and put them together. At 1pm we were riding them and went to discover Anchorage. The way to get to the Bed & Breakfast we booked is easu and fast. We tok our time and were followed by clouds of mosquitos ... Insect repellent will be definately compulsory!

While in a junction, we hesitated ... turned our head ... and saw a moose which looked at us, not suprised at all, eating slowly... We stopped and took lots of pictures, of course!!

We are too early to go to the Bed & Breakfast. So we went into town and looked for a bank (not easy at all on a sunday!!) and a place to have lunch. We began our "American Food" regime by ... a burger! What a surprise, is not it? We also began to go around in the shops to find our equipment (we have not bought it in france, because it is less expensive here and there are more choices). The people working overthere were so suprised in front of our bikes and envied us a lot!

At abour 5pm, we went to our Bed & breakfast. Our hosts are very nice and told us that we could, if we wanted, leave our bikes in their garage, that will be locked. Of course, we accepted this nice proposition!

We throw our bags in the room and went to REI, a big store that is specialized into outdoor gears. Sébastien had found it on the Internet from france. We bought some warm clothes! Then we stopped to have a salad and went to bed at 8.30 pm ... very tired but happy to be here!!

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Welcome on the blog of "Planète Durable et Solidaire".

Articles coming soon!

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